"John's tours are personal, interesting and give a real impression of the events as they happened over 60 years agoChances are are rated our knowledge product to the trip a bit too high. After this experience I realise that there is so very much to learn and you John, are extremely knowledgeable! We could not have asked for a better teacher and guide! You capture the spirit of 1944. I realise, too, the efforts you took to customise our tour so that I could stand where my father stood! The emotions well acting me, and it is impossible to express the depth of my gratitude!" Diane Hoppejan, Ferdinand, Indianna USA

Dear Mr. John Moule,
Thank you very much for your guide on my family trip to Normandie this September. The meeting with Isigny was also successful. Last Sunday, we went to La Mere Poulard in Yokohama. We did not have the omelet in Mont Saint-Michel and my wife wished to have it even though in Japan. She is very fine now. During the lunch, we talked about you. The day with you was a great expereience for my family, especially for our son and daugter. Thank you again for your kind guide and lectures. All of us are hoping to seen you again. Please give our best regards to Maggie.
Nobu Takanashi

"Our tour with John was extraordinary in both it's bread in scope and personalised detail! In addition to accommodating our special needs, using his vehicle packing a lunch to save time, John's ability to share his vast knowledge of events and then to weave in the personal stories of individual soldiers allowed us to experience the day in a very meaningful way. Not only did our understanding of historical events become more clear, the meanings became more intense. The stain of blood on the church pew, the chiming of our national anthem at the American cemetery, the feel of bullet holes on brick are more than memories of an excellent tour, they are part of the experience that John shares with you during the day. The images of beaches run red with blood, the view from fortified clifftop, the colour of a dedicated stained-glass window. These kinds of visceral sensations are repeated throughout the day. Johns experience and knowledge combined with his generous and accommodating spirit made this tour of D-Day sites and experience will never forget.." Kathy K, Sindelfingen, Germany (American)

"First, thank you so much for arranging for John to provide our tour. Our tour of the D-Day sites was one of the things we were most looking forward to during our travels throughout our 2 1/2 year stay in Europe as expats. John did a fantastic job showing us the sites, telling the stories and teaching us about military tactics. He was patient with our young kids and greet at keeping them engaged throughout the day. We look forward to showing them the photos and reminding them of the stories during their future studies. Thank you!
PS we will certainly pass along your name to friends who planned similar trips"
Dekunder Family, Houston, Texas, USA

"We cannot imagine doing this tour without an individual guide. We saw other people on self tours stop and listen to John. His knowledge was excellent, beyond excellent. His speaking voice was clear and he was very patient with questions."
Bill and Nancy reardon Middleborough Massachusetts USA

Again Linda and I both thank you so much for organizing such an interest-filled day. We felt that we had benefitted greatly from all your knowledge and consequently now have a much greater understanding of the events of June 1944. Your additional anecdotes added a lot.On the following days we took your good advice and visited: the Pegasus Museum, The (amazing) Grand Bunker, The Normandy Battle Museum and British Cemetery in Bayeux. We then spent a day, a very cold and wet day, at Mont St Michel and St Malo. Finishing our Normandy visit we saw the tapestry and spent some time in the Cathedral and the newly opened Museum (MAHB), also well worthwhile. On Monday we went on to Honfleur and the Manet house and garden in Giverny before leaving France for Tuscany, where we now are.Thanks again John. We hope you have a successful season.With best wishes
Linda and Tom

Dear John, Donna and I would like to thank you again for the wonderful day of tour guiding you provided on our visit to Normandy last week.We were very impressed with the depth and breadth of your knowledge about the D-Day invasions, the following battles in Normandy and the rest of the WWII European theatre.You set up a perfect one-day of sight seeing that took us to all the key American sites in the allotted time and provided just the right amount of commentary and explanation.We will be certain to provide your name to any friends who are seeking a Normandy guide.
Ben & Donna Lipsky